Present Day Brighton at a Glance

Present day Brighton is not all that different then it was at the turn of the century. The city still remains a center of commerce and economic success throughout Livingston County.

Retrieved from Michigan Miles
Retrieved from Michigan Miles

The highway interchange of US-23 and I-96 still continues to bring travelers through Brighton and allows for a great commuter culture to neighboring Ann Arbor, Detroit and Lansing. Just as it was at the turn of the 20th century, Brighton is a center of entertainment for smaller, nearby towns such as Howell and Pinckney.  Near the highway interchange, Brighton has built an outdoor shopping center which gives a good alternative to malls as far as Novi.  The city boasts of a downtown area complete with the man made Millpond which hosts summer concerts every Sunday and festivals multiple times a year. In addition, Brighton has both a state park and a Detroit Metro park within the city and has many lakes in which recreation activities are popular each summer season. Lastly, Brighton has a movie theater that caters to neighboring theaterless Howell, Hartland and Pickney.

Demographically, modern day Brighton is more homogeneous than it once was. The US Census reports that with a 97% Caucasian population, this city is

Brighton High School Football Stadium, remodeled in 2014 through millage. Retrieved from
Brighton High School Football Stadium, remodeled in 2014 through millage.
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overwhelming white with less than one percent of any minority group (Quick Facts). The socioeconomic status of the area is also overwhelmingly upper middle class, which through taxes lends it self to great school system. Brighton Area Schools is ranked the 21st best school in the state of Michigan (US News). School of choice allows for students from around the county to come to Brighton Schools at their will. Better schools, higher average income and low crime rate has helped coin Brighton as an excellent place to start a family. The city of Brighton today is a mix of the small town village feel with the city entertainment and education that bring visitors from all over the county and state.