Education and Recreation

In recent years, Brighton has become well known as a school district in Livingston County. The dedication to education in Brighton started all the way back with the Maltby brothers, which is why their names were used for the high school built in the mid 1900’s and the middle school that was soon named after them as well. When the Maltby brothers settled in the area that

lyons school
Lyon School House in Livingston County Image retrieved from BAHS

would become Brighton, they both had already received their education in their hometown in New York (McMacken, p. 269). It was no question that they would work to establish a school for their family and community. In 1834, a small schoolhouse was built in Brighton Township. As the population of Brighton grew, the school house was rebuilt, bigger and closer to the city center.  As the years have gone on, local taxes have supported schools in Brighton (McMacken, p. 273). Most recently, a multi-million dollar millage was passed for Brighton School District to upgrade the infrastructure and amenities. In 2014, this millage went into affect, building new sports facilities, bringing new technology and revitalizing old elementary schools.

Brighton shows that it is not all about hard work but also kicking back and relaxing. The city of Brighton is home to many parks, including the Brighton State Recreation Area. In addition, multiple Detroit Metro parks are within the city or driving distance. Most notably, Brighton is home the a newly remodeled ski hill. Mt. Brighton, an institution established in the 1960’s, is the only of it’s kind in Southeast Michigan (BAHS, Our History). While most in Brighton joke that it’s more of a hill than a mountain, the company was recently bought out by Vail Resorts, a highly acclaimed resort company from Colorado. In 2013, the ski hill switched hands and has now become more popular than ever.