Underground Railroad Monument

Battle Creek UndergroundRailroad 1

Michigan has the nation’s largest monument to the Underground Railroad. Right in Downtown Battle Creek there is a 28-foot-long, 14-foot high bronze statue, which shows Harriet Tubman and local “conductors” Erastus and Sarah Hussey as they lead a group of runaway slaves to safety. Designed by sculptor Ed Dwight but commissioned by W. K. Kellogg Foundation as a way to show gratitude towards all the men and women who operated the Underground Railroad, as well as the slaves traveled from the South all the way to Canada. This monument was created in 1993 and has free admission and is open 24/7.



Sojourner Truth Monument

20080807_94You cannot miss the Sojourner Truth Monument that is less than a mile away from the Underground Railroad Monument. It stands as the entrance to Battle Creek and is 12-feet tall. Sculptor Tina Allen designed it in 1999. To see where this picture came from and to read more information, click here.





The Kimball House Museum

16151568461_b662687617The Kimball family owned a beautiful Queen Anne style Victoria house, with colored glass windows, walnut woodwork in the halls, and parquet floors. It was built in 1886 containing 14 rooms. All three generations of Kimball men were doctors and lived in this house. Eventually when Dr. Arthur S. Kimball Jr. passed away in 1966 they donated the house to the Battle Creek community.

Within the Kimball House Museum, there is a Sojourner Truth Exhibit Room that contains artifacts and images about Truth, and it even contains her signature, which is the only known signature of hers today. There is also a room dedicated to the Battle Creek Sanitarium; which has a small Palm Garden and has an example patient room from the heath reform institution. The basement is a presentation of a pioneer room and a mid-19th century general store.

Many events are held at this house including American Girl events, Tea Parties, Heritage Monday Night programs, Halloween parties and Christmas parties. To plan a visit to the Kimball House Museum you can call Heritage Battle Creek at (269) 966-4157 or contact   Admission is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students and children under the age of 12. Tours last approximately one hour.

Heritage Battle Creek

Heritage Battle Creek was created in 1999 when the Historical Society of Battle Creek and the Sojourner Truth Institute of Battle Creek merged together since they shared a common purpose and the same mission. They now promote the heritage and history of Battle Creek.



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