Annual Deerfield Festivities

Deerfield may be a small village but they have a few annual activities that bring quite the crowd. Memorial Day is a day in Deerfield where many gather to watch a parade with many honoring moments to recognize those who have served in the US Military and those who are currently serving. Even though Deerfield is a small village, many have served and have given the ultimate sacrifice. deerfield memoiral day Christmas time also brings a big crowd to the village center of Deerfield. Frosty the Snowman is one of the village’s most prized decoration, located just next to the Village Office near the River Raisin. The big Christmas festivity is the Deerfield Christmas Tree Festival where a large Christmas tree is lit and Christmas carols are sang by the crowd and festive Christmas cheer is spread throughout the crowd. deerfield festival 1 The most interesting festival that is home to Deerfield is The Testical Festival. This annual festival brings thousands of people to the Deerfield Legion where they can enjoy scrumptious Rocky Mountain Oysters and Bull Nuts and a nice cold beverage. It may sound odd but don’t judge a book by its cover. People from other states charter busses to enjoy this odd delicacy. deerfield testicle festival