Saginaw: WWII response

WWII vet

General Motors was a huge contributor to WWII.  It produced some 12 billion dollars of war material.  One of the components of that was Saginaw’s Steering Division.  The Saginaw Steering Company helped produced .30 caliber machine guns.  The Saginaw Malleable Iron Division also helped make “armasteel for various military applications” (David Jackson).  Many men found that they were called to serve specifically Edward Moll who settled in Saginaw with his wife after the war for some 60 years.  He was a tail gunner on aerial bombers a very dangerous and important job.  He was in the Pacific Theatre doing island hopping during WWII going from island to island towards Japan.  His crew had the honor of being the security flight above the USS Missouri where the peace Treaty was being signed.  Moll settled in Saginaw after the war and will be 90 soon and has 3 children and some 8 grandchildren and 9 great grand-children (Wolcott).

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