Saline: About The Author

Saline's Justin Goike. Photo by Mike Feld

My family moved to Saline in 2001 due to the education and the necessity of a bigger house. For me, Saline will always be my home. I was only 7 years old when we moved and really do not remember what things were like before the move. Growing up, football, baseball and basketball were my passion, but mostly baseball. I played on a travel team from the Saline area called the Michigan Bluejays and eventually went on to play for Saline in High School graduating in 2012. Living in this town was amazing. It is a very safe community, the people are really nice and there is so much to do. With multiple parks, a recreation center, various stores and restaurants in the downtown area, and with downtown Ann Arbor just a few minutes away, it is pretty hard to not find something to do. Saline is the perfect place to grow up and I would not want to have lived anywhere else.



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