Michigan History

Waterford today

SKi show

Photo by Mitch Kellogg

Waterford today is just like many of the other metro Detroit suburbs. There are around 78,000 people that currently live in the township. It is a pretty diverse community in terms of wealth, due to the fact that many people live on lake front property. Its unemployment rate is significantly below the state average, and the median income for the state is $56,286, which is also higher than the state average. It is home to Oakland County International Airport, as well as many Oakland County parks and golf courses. Overall, it is home to a middle class community, and is a safe place to live. Many people in the community take advantage of the lakes in the area. Whether it is through fishing, boating, and water sports, the 34 lakes in Waterford are a way people spend their free time in the summer (city-data.com, 2014).

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