Village of Warren Historic District 1893. Located Mound rd. and Chicago (Beebe’s corner)

In 1817 a surveyor by the name of Wampler surveyed a swampy land that would later become Warren. People began settling in the Warren area much before Michigan had become a state and before Macomb county was formed in 1818. People began following Groesbeck and the Beebe family who settled near a trail along the Red Run Creek. The first settlement would be called Beebe’s corner in 1830. John Beebe would assist in paying for a trail road called Moravian which would soon bring trade. Beebe’s corner became a carriage stop between Utica and Detroit, that included a distillery, mill, tavern, and trading post. Charles J. Groesbeck became the first resident of Beebe’s corner, but wasn’t until 1837 that Warren Township was created. First by the name of Hickory, then changed to Aba, and in 1838 the name Warren was adopted.

First Village of Warren Hall. 13 mile and Mound

Warren was named after the war hero Rev. Abel Warren who settled in what would eventually be Macomb County in 1824. At the start up of the Village of Warren in 1893, the village reached one square mile from 13-14-mile road and extending a half mile on each side of Mound. As Warren continued to grow, Governor Williams declared Warren as a city on October 27th, 1956. Shortly following city hood, Warren’s population more than doubled within ten years.

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