Louis Toulette would take the Taylor’s dance hall and turn it into one of the main attractions in the midwest and one of the most historic landmarks Walled Lake has ever seen; the Walled Lake Casino Shores Pavilion. Opening in April, 1925 this new dance hall was state of the art and featured a dance floor that was 120’ x 140’. Timing could not have been better as Detroit was producing the music of the times and allowed some of the most popular musicians of the time to play at the venue. These would include Chuck Berry, a 12 year old Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Tommy Dorsey, Red Nichols, Glen Miller, Louis Armstrong, and many more before the Casino finally closed its doors. The Casino had to endue changing taste in music in the 1950’s which led to dwindling attendance and eventually the sale of the casino in 1962. The new owner, Red Cramer, hired Lee Allen, a local Dj to begin broadcasting live performances from the casino so people could watch from their homes. This new method combined with the change in style to a rock and roll venue allowed the casino to thrive once again. The dance hall was able to adopt to the times over and over again and served as a gathering spot for over 30 years until it burned down on Christmas Day, 1965.


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