Walled Lake Amusement Park

In 1929, dance hall owner Herman Czankusch was forced to sell his dance hall due to such a large competition. However, Czankusch was anything but a quitter. He knew that Walled Lake was still an excellent place for some kind of exciting attraction. That is why in February 1929, Czankusch leased his land to Fred W. Pierce who began construction on Walled Lake’s first ever roller coaster. The coaster was called the “Flying Dragon” and was said to have been Pierce’s best coaster yet. The “Flying Dragon” would go on to be the main attraction at Walled Lake Amusement Park.


The new coaster and the rest of Walled Lake Amusement Park opened Memorial Day of 1929 and included a roller coaster, a two story water slide, two 500’ boardwalks, speedboat rides, a bath house, a Tilt-A-Whirl, Dodge-Em cars, and Flying Scooters. Unfortunately, the water slide had to be shut down due to the death of an 8-year-old girl. Picnics were one the the largest sources of income for the park and the businesses around the park. The Walled Lake Amusement Park brought thousands of thrill seekers every weekend for around 30 years. Due to the upcoming popularity of the Detroit area Metro Parks and television entertainment, the park started to get less popular in the early sixties. In 1962, The Pierce Family sold the park the Wagner brothers, who had already owned their own park closer to Detroit called “Edgewater”. By 1968, most of Walled Lake Amusement Park’s attractions were moved to Edgewater and was officially shut down. The closing and demolishing of what was left of the Walled Lake Amusement Park represented the true end of the “golden years” in Walled Lake.