Village of Clarkston Home



A mix between a modern town and a small town feel describes the Village of Clarkston. Located less than an hour from Detroit, Clarkston is a family oriented town that has a distinct history based on mills, automobiles, and the school system. The Village of Clarkston was first settled in the 1830s as the township was filled with fertile soil for farming and accessible water for milling. As Clarkston became a popular travel destination for families in southern Michigan, the village grew and people began settling down permanently in Clarkston to build their lives. As transportation improved, more and more people settled into the township and businesses began to pop up throughout the town. The impact of Henry Ford’s Village Industries program brought the automobile industry to the village and even today there is still an impact of the automobile industry seen in the village.main street

Today, Clarkston still feels like a small town, though it has grown largely from its first settlers. Nationally recognized schools and award-winning restaurants bring people into the city. The city is always busy, but it still maintains the small town charm that it has formed off of. The history of Clarkston has shaped it to become a city that prides itself on its distinct history and its constant movement towards the future.