An important duty of the Treasurer is collecting the real and personal property taxes for the City of Marysville, as well as for the St. Clair County, the State of Michigan and the Marysville School District. There are two main collection times: the summer taxes collected in July and the winter taxes collected between December 1st through the middle of February. This department prepares and distributes the tax bills and ensures the payment of those bills.

In addition to collecting tax revenues, the Treasurer also assists in distributing and collecting the Water/Sewer/Refuse bills. The flat rate customers (primarily homeowners) are billed semi-annually: July 1st and December 1st. Metered customers (primarily commercial and industrial) are billed quarterly

The Treasurer’s Department also sells dog licenses between December 1 and February 28. Also you are able to buy golf memberships for residents, non-residents, couples, and families all year round.

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