Traverse City: The Cherry Capitol of the World

Located on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay, in the Northwestern part of the lower peninsula, Traverse City has become one of the most unique and beautiful cities in Michigan. Located roughly two hours from both Grand Rapids and the Mackinaw Bridge Traverse City has become a happy medium for tourism and vacations. Tourism now makes up most of the areas economy but what Traverse City is most known for are its cherries. Nicknamed “The Cherry Capitol” Traverse City is this countries leading producers in tart cherries and this was Traverse City’s major economic source. With the population of the city growing more and more tourist shops are appearing as well as wineries and breweries making tourism the main economic source now. Combining both cherries and tourism has the outcome of the National Cherry Festival. ┬áThe National Cherry Festival takes place during the first week of July and brings Traverse City’s population close to 500,000 people. Traverse City now hosts its own Film Festival, Comedy Festival and a variety of microbrew festivals and wine tours.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes were voted the most beautiful place in America in 2011 by Good Morning America. This is just one option residents and tourists have to take in the beautiful scenery of this magical city. All four Seasons are represented stunningly here from beautiful fall colors to perfect beach conditions in the summer. So please take the time come see this beautiful city.