Traverse City- Home

The state of Michigan can most notably be recognized by the large mass of water surrounding it. This great state takes the shape of a mitten, with its residents famously being able to point out there hometown from where it lies on their hand. Up towards the pinky region of the mitten there is a bay of Lake Michigan, separated into East and West Bay by a peninsula jetting out. At the base of this peninsula is the beautiful port town of Traverse City. traverse-city-aerial

Accessible only by water for the first part of its history, the fur traders and lumberjacks founded this town and used the water access point as the greatest natural resource. Little did they know, the true value of Traverse City was the fertile soil, and the expansion of this resource lead directly to the foundation of a railroad to the City. From there, the area took off economically, and is now a top tourist destination in the United States. Known as the “Cherry Capital of the World,” new festivals pop up every year, bringing even more travel attention to the area. Sweeping views of each bay combined with vast cherry orchards and vineyards provide tourists with excellent views. The beauty of this area has attracted national attention recently, and is a big reason why tourism is such a major part of this city’s economy, and it is certainly continuing to grow. old_mission