Tourist Attractions

Marquette is a beautiful city. Thousands of tourists visit each year to see the historic city and to enjoy the beautiful landscape, but there is so much more to do in marquette then just explore. Here is a list of the tourist destinations in the city that every visitor must do.

  • Climb Sugarloaf Mountain
    • Sugarloaf Mountain is a 1,200 ft small mountain just north of the city limits. A series of staircases will take you all the way up to enjoy a stunning view of the city and its surroundings. The view is worth the trip.


View from Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Walk the trails
    • Marquette hosts the biking and cross country skiing events every year and even has a dogsled race. needless to say it has some pretty nice nearby trails. Whether you are planning on biking or snowmobiling, there is a trail for you. All of these trails are kept clean of obstructions year round and are open year round. Snowshoeing, dirt-biking, and just walking your dog are all made exciting with the miles and miles of trails in the Marquette area.
  • Water Sports
    • Kayaking around Little Presque Isle is a favorite of mine. There are plenty of beaches to stop and tan or black rocks to climb and jump off of. Lake Superior is known for its clear waters kayaking in it is something everyone should do before they leave Marquette
  • Downtown
    • Even Barack Obama loves Marquette’s downtown. As the first U.S. president to visit Marquette while not campaigning for reelection, Obama spent his trip to the queen city of the north by taking his family to Marquettte’s very own Doncker’s. The small candy store is well known for its tasty treats and has made a name for itself in the area. Obviously there are many clothing boutiques, but Marquette is also known for its artisans. Blown glass jewelry and handmade furniture are just some of the things you will find in Marquette’s historic downtown district.
  • Lighthouse tours, waterfalls, mine shaft explorations! There are too many attractions to list on this page. for more info on Marquette’s attractions you can go to
Stoney Mill Falls
Stoney Mill Falls