The Rizqallah Family

The Rizqallah family was established in Allegan Michigan in the year of 2001. Igrew up in a home on 40 acres, located a quarter mile in woods. My family has enjoy many hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. Allegan has been a great home to my family for nearly 14 years.


My family included two younger sisters, an older brother,  my father and mother. If asked what i believe the Rizqallah’s are known for in Allegan, I would wrestling and tennis. Both my Brother and I finished our senior year as State Champion in wrestling along with a Team state Championship. My brother Joe finished with an impressive 65-1 record, and a 66-0 record for my self. As for my two younger sister, the tennis players, they are both ranked in the 5 in the state. They are currently competing for their own state titles.


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