The Pioneers of Holt/Delhi Township

Two men can only claim original settlement in present-day Holt, Michigan. The first, Frederick R. Luther arrived on May 4th, 1837 and was followed soon after by the second, John Norris on the 22nd of that same month. Luther would eventually settle with his family in January of 1838. A few men soon followed the two original pioneers of Holt/Delhi Township in the following year since their initial settlement including John Norris, William Wood, Joseph Wilson, and Philander Morton. Up until 1950, a few more would settle in the area such as Alonzo Douglas in 1840, David Wait in 1838, Darius Abbot in 1843, and the Thorburn family in 1848. (

Delhi Township was originally a part of the Alaiedon Township until an act by the state legislature was handed down in April of 1842, that created it’s own independent township from the pre-existing ones. Less than two months following the creation of the independent township by the state legislature, the first meeting would take place on April 4th, 1842. 3 days later, the township would conduct its first election for township official positions. Henry North was elected supervisor, Caleb Thompson as clerk, and Roswell Everett as treasurer. Within the newly formed township, the community center was often known as Delhi Center, however to avoid confusion with similarly-named areas within the territory it was renamed to “Holt” which it still carries to this day.(