Map showing the areas affected by fire in Holland (
Map showing the areas affected by fire in Holland ( user/49cbd4e93005063f1d1f4f9563523edb.jpg)

Just after Holland was developing an effective economy it was struck by devastation. Holland had been subject to a drought for most of the summer which led to a lot of dry land that was just waiting for a spark. On October 8, 1871, that spark came and aided by wind it started to spread throughout the town until seemingly everything was burned. People had to escape on small boats out onto the Black Lake to keep from being burned alive. Between 200 and 300 houses were lost with most of the town left homeless as well as businessmen left with nothing to show for their years of work. The only part of the town that was seemingly untouched was the local school Hope College. After the devastation the townspeople faced great odds to bring their city back but the people persevered and began to build the city back.