Good O’le Grand Ledge

Grand Ledge, as the background image displays, one can assume why this town was given its name. The ledges in Grand Ledge are tall and marvelous natural structures that formed next to the Grand River. These ledges are 300 million years old. This scenery has always been the main attraction of the area, with an 1880 account detailing it as,

The principle attraction of the place is its picturesque and beautiful scenery. It is one of those natural parks, of mingled cliff, river and island scenery, so seldom seen, and seems especially designed to win mankind away from the fatigue and cares of everyday life to find in nature’s companionship renewed health and vigor of life.

As the quote above illustrates, the ledges and the local scenery was one of the most attractive reason for settlement. Unique ledges rising up to 60 feet on the banks of the Grand River appear for about a mile in Grand Ledge.

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Though Grand Ledge’s scenery will attract people to the area, other things occurring in the area will cause people to stay. As this website will show how early settlers had to struggle to establish this town. This town will also need to move past just being a beautiful destination and take advantage of its strategic position next to the Grand River. Also there are current events in the town that make it an interesting place for discussion today.