The Establishment of Detroit

A French officer name Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac along with 50 other French Canadians founded a settlement that we know as Detroit today on July 24th, 1701. Early European explorers were hoping to come upon gold and silver, but instead found furs as a substitute. Europeans wanted to protect the French fur trade in the Great Lakes from the English and Iroquois. Cadillac provided land to the French settlers and made the settlers pay him rent plus a percentage for the crops. Detroit was named by French colonists, who referred to the Detroit River linking Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Initially Detroit was a trading post for fur but later grew into a frontier military station.

Detroit is currently known as the “Motor City.” The name started due to the huge auto-industry Detroit had to offer back in the early 1900s. Henry Ford was the first person ever to develop an automobile. The “Model T” was the name given and revolutionized the American Industry for years to come.


Downtown Detroit