The Cooper Family

My Family and I

My Grandfather, Raymond Young, came from England in 1946, when he was only one year old. His father, William Norman Young, fought in Europe during World War II. He met Mary Sylvia Holden on V.E. Day in London during the celebrations. They were married and with child before William was even shipped home. When Raymond turned one, Sylvia brought him to America with him to be reunited with his father in Escanaba, MI.

Raymond married my grandmother Sandra Bruseau in 1965. She was born in the U.S. in 1945 to Rose and Clyde Bruseau. Rose was born in 1927 to Rosa and Gabore Sarcodi. Rosa died giving birth to Rose which caused Gabore to raise the children on his own. The Sarcodi’s came over from Hungary in 1918 to avoid the violence of the Bolshevik Revolution and collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Rosa’s brother did not escape the violence and was killed during the revolution. Clyde Bruseau’s family line goes back to his grandmother, Lena M. Premo Brusseau. Lena was the great great granddaughter of Marinette Chevalier Farnsworth, also known as Queen Marinette. Queen Marinette is the namesake of the city and county of Marinette, Wisconsin.

Queen Marinette
Queen Marinette

Sandra and Raymond had Nicole Marie Young, my mother. My mother married my father Carl Walter Cooper. Carl W. was the son to Carl Tennyson Cooper and Gloria Violet Brewer of Ferndale, MI. Glorias parents were German immigrants while Carl T. parents had been in America for several generations. The Coopers were originally from South Carolina and were descendants of early colonial English immigrants.