Tawas and East Tawas

Tawas and East Tawas are often referred to as the same city. In fact, even though they share the same beaches, they are two different cities. East Tawas was formed after the founding of Tawas in 1854. Initially, the first inhabitants of the area was a tribe of Chippewa Indians, who called this place home. The ongoing woods and lake made it an ideal place for food. The natives would dry out fish for the winter as well as hunt for the numerous game animals that roam the woods of northern Michigan.


European discovery came to Tawas from the famous French Explorer Jean Nicolet, who was discovering land around Lake Huron around the time of 1629. Although it was explored, there was no permanent residency from European settlers because if the Native Americans in the area. It wasn’t until 1819 until the Treaty of Saginaw was signed, which the government purchased all the land in the county of Iosco, except for 8,000 acres. Fisherman and residents started inhabiting the area around the 1840’s and 50’s, until Iosco was finally granted as a county in 1857. The first permanent structure of this area was the lighthouse on the Tawas Point, that has now been made into a state park and is a famous symbol for the people of Tawas city.

By the 1860’s, Lumbering became a huge part of the area and the arrival of East Tawas soon came into play. These two cities go hand in hand with each other and till this day are two magnificent places to travel.