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Zeeland: Today

Zeeland is a small city in West Michigan, located eight miles east of Lake Michigan; it was established in 1847 on land formerly occupied by the Odawa people. It was named after the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, the… (READ MORE)

Zeeland: About the Student

Sara Bronkema is a senior studying Animal Science at Michigan State University. She grew up on a farm about five miles northwest of Zeeland, Michigan. Researching information for this project taught her not only about the city that she loves,… (READ MORE)

Zeeland: Works Cited

Beets, Henry. Life and Times of Jannes Van de Luyster. Zeeland: Zeeland Record Company, 1949. Print. “Chicks Go Traveling.” The Grand Rapids Press 16 Apr. 1925. Print. Dervan, Andrew. “Clock Making in Zeeland, Michigan.” Clocks Magazine 36.2 (2013): 26-31. Print Herman Miller. 2014…. (READ MORE)

Zeeland: Industry and Economy

Furniture Industry Furniture manufacturing was a popular industry in West Michigan in the 19th and 20th centuries. Grand Rapids was known as the Furniture Capital of the U.S. Zeeland is the birthplace of many well-known companies. Herman Miller began as… (READ MORE)

Zeeland: Religion and Education

Religion The city of Zeeland has a rich history of Christianity, beginning with the first settlers who emigrated from the Netherlands due to persecution from the State Church. The First Reformed Church of Zeeland was formed before the city of… (READ MORE)

Zeeland: Immigration and Early Settlement

The town of Zeeland, Michigan was founded in 1847 by Jannes Van de Luyster, Reverend Cornelius Vander Meulen, and approximately 450 other Dutch immigrants. They had emigrated from the Netherlands both to avoid religious persecution and escape a faltering economy. They… (READ MORE)