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Portland Transportation

Portland had a good amount of transportation that started with the train and then evolved to the car. With this transportation, Portland’s famous metal truss bridges were built. Transportation shaped Portland as the city known today. The first train in… (READ MORE)

The Town of Portland

There were a lot of industries and business that opened up in Portland. Some of them are still here while others are not but the building are still standing. These businesses shaped Portland’s Kent Street, Downtown and the rest of… (READ MORE)

Portland References

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Portland People

Portland was a small town that did not have that many people, but there was still famous people living in this town. The town had some amazing authors, store-owners, doctors and many more. Charles E. Goodwin, Pen name was J…. (READ MORE)

Portland Churches and Schools

Churches and schools were important during the mid 1800s and some of the churches and schools that were built in early Portland are still here to this day! Portland has four churches in the town, Methodist Church, Congregational Church,  Baptist… (READ MORE)

About Portland’s Author

Kendra has been living in Portland for twenty-two years. There she graduated at Portland High School in 2011. She was a member of the National Honors Society, Varsity Bowling and Varsity Volleyball. After graduating she went to Michigan State University… (READ MORE)