Snowmobiling – an East Jordan Tradition

In 1913, the first snowmobiles appeared. Mail carriers were among the first to use the machines, and East Jordan had several. Snowmobiles started originated as a kit that was added onto a Model T Ford. The kit came with an extra pair of wheels, which were mounted to the back of the car, two tracks that went around the back two tires, a pair of skis that were attached to the front end and a step into the machine that had the word “snowmobile” printed across it.

According to the book, “East Jordan Remembers,” the first snowmobile dealer in town was E.J. Auto Parts in 1962, and the machine they sold was the Trail Maker. Polaris machines were sold outside of town, in Ironton, as well. Over 100 different snowmobile brands in the 1960’s and 70’s were narrowed down to four by the 1980’s: Polaris, Ski Doo, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha.

In 1966, the East Jordan Snowmobile Club was established. It consisted of 30 acres of land and a clubhouse. The Snowmobile Club held races and provided concessions as a way to raise funds for the clubhouse. Today, the East Jordan Snowmobile Club still holds several races and stages many of the events during East Jordan’s “Sno Blast” every year. Below is a video of winter drag races held at the East Jordan Snowmobile Club.

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