Today, the city of Rochester remains a product of its rich history and maintains a variety of unique places offering educational, recreational, and natural experiences to both the longtime residents of Rochester and first time visitors.

The Royal Park Hotel

Completed in 2004, the Royal Park Hotel stands out as one of the best amenities for visitors to the City of Rochester. The Hotel offers several onsite activities including Bocce Ball and Fly Fishing as well as several unique amenities like a Belgian glass conservatory for social events and a comfortable wood-paneled library. The Royal Park Hotel currently holds an impressive Four Diamond rating from AAA. With 143 rooms, and with its convenient location and luxurious amenities, The Royal Park Hotel is one of the best hotels for visitors to not only Rochester but the entire Metro Detroit area.

The main entrance to The Royal Park Hotel

The main entrance to The Royal Park Hotel. Originally published on

Oakland University

Originally established from 2 million dollar donation from automotive pioneer Alfred Dodge and his wife Matilda, Oakland University first opened in 1957, as satellite campus of Michigan State University.Today Oakland University in Rochester has grown to become an independent four year institution with a student enrollment upwards of 20,000 students.

An aerial photograph of OU's campus including the Hugh and Nancy Elliot Tower.

An aerial photograph of OU’s campus including the Hugh and Nancy Elliot Tower. Originally published on:

Paint Creek Trail

Today, stretching from Rochester to Lake Orion, MI, the Paint Creek Trail, originally belonged to The Detroit and Bay City Railroad Company, the first rail road company that ran though Avon County in the early 1870’s. The railroad changed hands over the next century and was eventually abandoned in 1970. The 10.5 miles of former railroad land in and around Rochester were then sold to the Trailways Commission in 1983. The Trailways Commission would then turn it over to the City of Rochester who adapted the land into a public park in the same year it was purchased.

The Paint Creek Trail today, frequented by cyclists and joggers from the metro Detroit area. In recent years the Paint Creek Trail has even launched its own twitter page: that alerts visitors of weather conditions and emergencies.

Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm

Although some locals may not consider the Van Hoosen Farm Museum as a part of the City of Rochester since it is named for the surrounding city of Rochester Hills, MI, the Museum itself actually falls within the limits of the City of Rochester.

Entrance to the Van Hoosen Farm Museum. Originally Publlished on

Entrance to the Van Hoosen Farm Museum. Originally Published on

More importantly the Van Hoosen Farm itself, like many of the collections in the museum, date back to the original settlement of Avon Township (Oakland County) long before the distinction between Rochester and Rochester Hills existed.

A couples wedding photo's at Van Hoosen Farm. Originally published on

A couples wedding photo’s at Van Hoosen Farm. Originally published on




Today, The Rochester Hill Museum at Van Hoosen Farm holds a variety of exhibits and lectures for people of all ages on the history of the greater Rochester area. The museum is supported by donations from the community, and most notably by renting out Van Hoosen Farm as a venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions.