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Race riots ravaged in the 60’s across the country in the hopes of making the civil rights movement known and to try and get equal rights for African Americans.  One would have never guessed that it would come to Saginaw Michigan but it did.  On July 26th 1967 protesters were marching to the crossroads of Genesee Street and Washington Avenue to protest a political meeting called by the mayor, Henry G. Marsh, that didn’t allow the public to attend.  The mayor was an African American and African Americans were very frustrated because when they thought it was a public meeting and were turned away.  Police were called to the scene and were armed and a confrontation resulted.  The rioting became quite violent and 35 arrests were made and there were seven shooting victims.  Larson and looting was rampant in the downtown area during the confrontation.   There was so much crime as a result of this incident that the police could not stop all of it nor patrol every crime area.  Some positives did come from this tragic and moving event.  The superintendent of the Saginaw school system ordered the hiring of qualified African Americans for administrative and supervisory positions in the city.  The tumultuous time only lasted a day and the city was safe again.  The city learned a valuable lesson about race and equality that day and things are better today because of it (Andrew Salas).