Preserving the History

olake museum
Orchard Lake Museum

Orchard Lake preserves its history by displaying its cultural artifacts in the museum, as well as maintaining the architectural beauty of the old buildings.  The current museum occupies what was once called the Orchard Lake Hotel built in 1854.  The structure later became home to the city hall in 1938.  In 1987, a new, updated building was constructed specifically for the city hall, transforming the old structure into what is now the museum.  Additionally, the Preparatory and Seminary have been were built over a hundred years ago with constant maintenance and little updates to exhibit the beautiful history, not only of the schools, but also the community and culture surrounding them.  Furthermore, Apple Island is reservation land, attracting locals and outsiders to experience and understand the aging culture.  Neighboring school districts bring students to the island for this sole purpose. Thus, the island is only used for visitation and conservation.

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Apple Island Tours