Pentwater: Overview

Pentwater is small town (only 851 full time residents though that number is significantly higher during the summer months)  located in Oceana County in western Michigan. Due to its beautiful beaches it is currently a major tourist location with many famous residents including former Michigan State football coach George Perles, Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock, and former mayor of Michigan James Blanchard.  Pentwater is far more than just a tourist trap, it was at one point a thriving lumber town and Pentwater, along with the rest of Oceana County, is considered to be the asparagus capital of the world.

Pentwater is far more than just the beach which many visit it for. It has a thriving down town that is home to family run restaurants, ice cream parlors, mini golf courses, and antique stores, it has live music from local bands almost every night outside at the village square, and it isn’t a rare occurrence to see one of the towns many celebrity residents roaming the streets.

Pentwater Down Town

Pentwater Down Town

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