Adrian’s Page Fence Giants

The Page Fence Giants were known as one of the best African American baseball teams of the 1890s. Although the team played most of their games on the road, they were based out of Adrian. The team was sponsored by J. Wallace Page and his company Page Woven Wire Fence Company. The manager of the team, Bud Fowler, saw that the team was made up of men with high moral character, many of them did not drink and half of the team graduated from college. As the fame of the Page Fence Giants spread many of the top teams around the country took notice of some of the teams top players. As a result the team fell apart after only eight years because they were losing some many players to top baseball teams around the country. The Page Fence Giants have a strong legacy, they have a record of 125 wins and 12 losses, including one stretch where the team won 82 games in a row.(nlbpa)