Michigan History

Oldest Companies of Saginaw Michigan

Dornbos Printing Impressions

This company started as Friedman Hynan Printing Co. in 1889. Later operating as Lanterman Press starting in 1947 and ending in 1974, when it was bought by Paul M. Dornbos. Dornbos gave the company its current name, Dornbos Printing Impressions.


Deisler Funeral Home

Founded by Anton F. Deisler in 1888 as A. Deisler & Son Funeral Home, this was the first funeral home in Saginaw. It moved from its original location in 1895 and yet again in 1947.


Farmers Home Tavern

Farmers Home Tavern was established in 1879 and is now known for making some of the best hamburgers in Saginaw.


 Perry's schuch hotel


Perry’s Schuch Bar and Nightclub

The building was created as a private residence in 1868 for lumber barons. In 1879 the building was converted into a hotel. After multiple owners throughout the years the Schuch family added a café which would make this hotel a popular hang out for local residents. The building was purchased and restored by Mike Perry in 2004 and despite a few name changes is one of the oldest operating hotels and saloons in all of Michigan.


W. L. Case and Company Undertakers

Founded by Frederick Eli Case in 1879 who was later joined by his son Winfred L. Case. Wilfred L. Case was one of Michigan’s first licensed funeral directors



Photo of Frederick Eli Case courtesy of W.L. Case &co.

R. C. Hendrick & Son

Roger Clancy Hendrick, a 21 year old Irish immigrant, founded R.C. Hendrick & Son in 1876. R.C. Hendrick & Son has provided quality contracting and construction management for 138 years.

old hendrick



St Mary’s Hospital

Father Francis van der Bom, the past of Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Saginaw, asked the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul to open a hospital in Saginaw. Saginaw’s first hospital was established in 1874. The Daughters of Charity opened Saint Mary’s Hospital in 1875. Another five story building was added in February of 1892. Yet another building was added in 1928 that would add an emergency room, a medical library, and four operating rooms. These additions made enough room for 156 patients. another facility opened in 1961, when the 1892 building was demolished. In 1975 Saint Mary’s opened a burn unit. The first open heart surgery was performed at Saint Mary’s in September of 1984.


St Marys of Michigan


Spatz Bread

The Spatz brothers came to Frankenmuth in 1871 from Germany. There they started a bakery and a few years later moved to Saginaw. They have been been baking bread with the same recipe for over 150 years.

spatz bakery

Morley Brothers

A hardware business opened in 1863, Morley Brothers has become one of the largest hardware wholesalers in Michigan. Morley Brothers was founded in 1863 by Morley brothers George and Edward who partnered with Anton Schmitz.


Saginaw Bay Underwriters

Starting in 1863, the Saginaw Bay Underwriters began insuring the the lumber industry during the Saginaw Lumber Boom. They currently serve over 12,000 customers and is considered one of the largest independent agencies in Michigan.

Saginaw Bay Underwriters got its start insuring the booming lumber industry in the Saginaw Valley, currently they serve over 12,000 customers and is one of the largest independent agencies in Michigan




The Saginaw News

The Saginaw News, started as the East Saginaw Courier by George F. Lewis and began publishing on June 16. 1859.

the Saginaw News


Feiges Interiors

Beginning as the first furniture store in Michigan, Feige’s Interiors opened back in 1854. Founder Englehardt Feige was a master cabinetmaker and built custom made furniture in Saginaw with his four sons. In 1867 his son’s took over the business. By that time both the store and factory, now named The Feige Brothers, were nationally known.

Feige building

Schaefer and Bierlein

A car dealership, founded before the first car, in 1852. Schafer and Bierlien was founded by George M. Schaefer as a blacksmith shop. It was not until 1914 that Barney Schaefer began selling cars.