Novi’s Beginning

First Settler


The first settler of Novi was Erastus Ingersoll. Ingersoll, along with his family, traveled to what would become Novi in 1825. Ingersoll and his family traveled all the way to Michigan from New York to farm.

Interestingly enough, Ingersoll and his family did not stay long in what would become Novi. After a short span of 4 years, Ingersoll and his family left for Delta Township west of Lansing. They would ultimately become first settlers there as well.

Throughout the 4 years that Ingersoll and his family lived in what would become Novi, they received help from a local Indian tribe. This local Indian tribe provided a steady source of food for the Ingersolls. There is no telling whether or not Ingersoll and his family would have had enough food just by farming on their own.


As mentioned above, many settlers set eyes on Michigan and what would become Novi largely because of the available land. These settlers came not only to build a home for their families, but they also gained large amounts of land in order to farm crops. The major crop that was grown at the beginning of Novi’s settlement was that of cotton. Many of the historical sites within the city of Novi are related to some type of early farm operation such as the Fuerst Farm.









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