My Family

As for my family history, I have grown up on one of the multiple dairy farms in North Branch. My families farm is located on Snoblen Rd., which happens to be my last name. My great great grandpa, Ben Snoblen, was one of the first people to live on the road and had the opportunity to name it.IMG_4678 They had only put a trail from the main road to the farm, but when the Detroit Edison Energy Company brought power through, we got to name it. We purchased the land in 1871 from a logging company. There were horses, a few dairy cows, chickens, and pigs on the original farm. They also started to grow potatoes in the 1900s, to sell at the local farmer’s market or used them to feed the livestock. My grandpa, Louis Snoblen, stopped using horses for planting crops in the late 1940’s and purchased the first tractor for the farm. My family is the fifth generation of Snoblens to live and work on the farm. My father, Frederick Snoblen runs the farm. We now have about 200 cows. We also plant crops, such as wheat, corn, alfalfa, and soybeans, on about 500 acres of land. We also rent about 500 more acres of land. Our milking system just got upgraded to being done by all robots, so the cows are walking in and milking themselves three times a day. The new machine is called, Lely Astronaut A4. The next person in line to takeover running the farm is my brother, Kyle Snoblen. (Snoblen, F)

My family: Top row: Kolen, Josh, Tim, Louis, and Kyle Bottom row: Virginia, Kendra (me), Kayla, Laney, Kassie, Krista, Quinn, and Frederick