My Family History – Michigan


My Family History – Michigan:

 I do not have very much family history in Royal Oak.  My maternal grandmother was born in Michigan, and my maternal grandfather was born in Ohio and moved to Michigan as a first-generation American.  When they first married, they settled in Detroit, where my grandfather was a police officer and grandmother a phone operator until around the 1970s, when they moved to Leelanau County in northern Michigan.  My paternal grandmother was born in northern Michigan, in Leelanau County, and my paternal grandfather was born in Philadelphia and moved to Leelanau County to marry my grandmother.  My parents met in the town of Empire, Michigan and moved to Royal Oak in 1991 for work.  However, I have spent much time in Empire on my grandpa’s farm and the homestead where my grandmother grew up is a centennial farm.  Empire is my second home and where I have more family history there than with Royal Oak.  However, I loved growing up in Royal Oak.  It allowed for me to get the feel of small town life with the big city just down the road. I have met my first friends, received my high school diploma, got my first job, and learned to drive there.  It is a fantastic place to grow up because it is safe, clean, easy to navigate, and not so small that you do not have any experience with the outside world.  Empire will always be the place where my families came from, but Royal Oak is where I am from and I will never forget it.


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