Port Huron and My Family

Although, I was not born in Port Huron, the city is significant to my history. Both of my parents attended Port Huron High School and graduated in 1994. My dad traveled all the way from Abbeville, Louisiana when he was twelve. On my mother’s side, my grandmother, was born in Port Huron and also graduated from Port Huron High School. I have two younger sisters and they were both born at Port Huron Hospital. Most of my family still remains in the city to this day.

My parents met at PHHS and moved to Clearwater, Flordia. Once I was born they moved back to Port Huron and got married at the court house. Once my father passed away when I was 3 my mother remarried my step-dad Joe. Joe also graduated from PHHS in 1994 with my parents and he was a high school history teacher for a few years at Port Huron High. I attended school at Thomas Edison Elementary school until the third grade. My family moved to Croswell, MI which was only about fifteen minutes from Port Huron. I attended Croswell-Lexington High School and graduate in 2013. I was accepted to Michigan State University my senior year of high school and came here in the Fall of 2013. When I travel home for the holidays I often take the Amtrak train from East Lansing to Port Huron. This is a very effective method of travel. Even though I no longer live in Port Huron I still spent a majority of my time in the city. This is where I do my shopping and where all of my primary care physicians are located.


Alexis Bourque- HST 320

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