Muskegon’s Best Brewery

Unruly Flag

                Eric Hoffman is the visionary brewmaster and co-owner responsible for creating the Unruly Brewing Company of Muskegon. The brewery became open to the public on November 29th, 2013; drawing in a crowd of over 700 patrons on its opening night (Alexander pp. 1). The owners of Unruly have stated that they “have been impressed with the diversity of the beer-drinking crowds” (Ibid pp. 1) in their establishment since their opening nearly one year ago; which they believe will maintain a consistent customer base.

Unruly Brewing Company

Unruly Brewing Company is located at 360 West Western Avenue in Downtown Muskegon in the recently renovated Russell Block Market building. The company sets itself apart from its competitors in the area by sharing its space in the Block Market with Drip Drop Drink Coffee shop, as well as the Rebel Pies Pizza Company (Ibid 1). The owners believe that this merger will offer a unique experience for those in the Downtown Muskegon area because it will offer “coffee, beer and live performances…in its unique community gathering space both day and night,” (Ibid pp. 1).

Beer Drinking

The brewery offers ten original beers in their establishment: Unruly Big Red Imperial Red Ale, Gatekeeper, English Porter, Foundry Slag American Stout, Wee Little Kilt Scottish 80, Lumbertown Pale Ale, English IPA, Ryeot Ale, Revel Rouser, and American-style India Pale Ale (The Beer pp. 1). Pints range in price “from $4.50 to $6,” but customers also have the option of trying “a 4-ounce beer sample for $2 a piece,” (Alexander pp. 1). Another unique feature of the brewery is that it offers patrons the opportunity to purchase their favorite beers in a “64-ounce [“growler”] container to take home,” (Ibid pp. 1).