Lansing Remembers 2011



On September 11, 2001, was dated the worst tragedies in the United States history. The lost of many lives and respected officials was something that will never be forgotten. Lansing wanted to place a visible memory of all those individuals who lost their lives due to this horrific tragedy. The City of Lansing Recreational division received a letter stating that Lansing was the 137th of 150 cities that could go to New York and retrieve the materials from ground zero to create a sculpted figure. These steel items were from one of the twin towers and it was a memory brought to Lansing. The beam stands 10 feet tall and weighed 980 pounds. It was designed with an elevated square concrete base and then the I-beam was placed. Each side of the panel represents the three states that were affected by the tragedy: New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The front panel states a message to all those who lost and risked their lives this day. The memorial was completed on September 11, 2002.

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