More About Ironwood

Ironwood is known for a food called pasties, which were a popular snack for miners as they worked. A pasty somewhat resembles a stuffed pastry, but it is savory and filled with meat and potatoes. (2)

Miners used to keep pasties in their pockets, both for their warmth and to store to eat later. When it came time to eat the pasty, miners would eat the inside of the pasty, and discard the breaded outside, in order avoid consuming anything that was on their hands as there was a threat of getting arsenic poisoning from mining materials.

Urban legend has it that miners believed that these discarded portions of the pastry were not wasted, but rather provided substance for the ghosts that roamed the mines at night.

Ironwood is also famous for its statue that is said to be the “tallest Indian in the world.” This 52 foot fiber glass structure built in 1964 depicts Native American leader, Hiawatha. Hiawatha is credited with the creation of the Iroquois Confederation and this statue was built with the supposedĀ intention of symbolizing peace between the nations within this new confederacy. (7)