Michigan Center Now

Center in 2015

The school district is growing every year and the class sizes have been increasing since I graduated from there in 2011. The school now offers AP classes and is sought after. The businesses in the town still come and go as it hard to find a popular business that the community likes.  The Dollar General is a store that has lasted awhile.

Famous Center

One of the more popular places to visit beside the school when coming to Michigan Center is the Post Office. The reason for this is because the post office is one of the oldest building that has mostly been unchanged since it was put there. The post office is truly an old landmark for Michigan Center.

The most renown person in the Michigan Center School District currently has to be Ray Haynes. Even though he is deceased he is remembered. His son Brian Haynes works at Michigan Center Schools and both have always been very active in the community. He is well known for his Scholarship Fund. Michigan Center High School’s new gym was named after him.

History Retained

The history in the community is mostly retained and present in the school district. There are multiple memorials and plaques throughout the schools that show events in the past. The schools website is a good place to find the history of the community. post

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