Meet the Ingersoll’s

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         IMG_1962                                                                   IMG_1957 Erastus Ingersoll and Cyane Ingersoll were first to settle  in what is now Delta Township. They had purchased eight hundred acres lying along both sides of the Grand River. Making this purchase with lofty expectaions and aspirations. Erastus Ingersoll and Cyane Ingersoll had six sons that became well known throughout Eaton  and surrounding counties. Erastus S. Ingersoll (his house above) there oldest son, became the most well known and had became the first township supervisor, Sunday school superintendent, and state agent superintendent of Sunday schools. The first hotel was constructed and operated by Erastus S. Ingersoll. The first postmaster was Erastus S. Ingersoll. The first minister of the gospel in the area was  Rev. E.P. Ingersoll. The Ingersolls’ are not only responsible for the founding of the area that had drawn others to use their mill but, also they had been well known throughout the village plat that was aspiring to be known as Grand River City but, it remained to “Delta Mills.”