Daniel A. Damman was elected mayor of the city of Marysville during the past election. He defeated the long-term mayor Gary Orr. The people of Marysville were ready for a change and Dan Damman was that change. 

He is personally invested in the success and growth of this city. He did  serve as a Marysville Council Member and promised to continue working to support the safety and welfare of its residents as Marysville Mayor.

Since is he was just elected Mayor of Marysville only a few weeks ago, he has a lot to prove now but his resume is very impressive: 

  •  Elected to the Marysville City Council in 2011.
  •  A member of the Board of Directors for the St. Clair County Bar Association for seven years.  After serving as Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice-President of the St. Clair County Bar Association,  and serving as its Past-President.
  •  Chair of the Indigent Defense Committee for the County of St. Clair.
  • A representative of St. Clair County as a Member of the Representative Assembly of the State Bar of Michigan
  • The  Chair of the Membership Committee of the Port Huron Golf Club. He also serve on the Long-Range Planning Committee as well as the Invitational Committee.
  •  A past member of an EDA Committee that concentrated on local business




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