Maybury Sanitarium

Children's Unit
Children’s Unit

Constructed out of eight Northville Township farms, Detroit owned and operated the TB sanatorium. Named after William H. Maybury who led the development, the sanatorium opened in 1921 under the name of Detroit Municipal Tuberculosis Sanatorium but would later be named Maybury Sanatorium until its close.
Ironically, William Maybury became sick of the same illness that the sanatorium was built for and 1931 he died of Tuberculosis in his farm house on property.

William H. Maybury
William H. Maybury

In 1969 the sanatorium closed due to a lack of patients because of new technologies in the medical field made TB sanatoriums no longer needed. A few years later in 1972, the Michigan Natural Resource Commission purchased the property from Detroit and in 1975 Maybury State Park was opened.
Maybury State Park includes horseback riding, an abundance of biking and hiking trails, a farm, and artifacts of the old sanatorium scattered throughout the 945 acre park.

Maybury's Farmhouse
Maybury’s Farmhouse