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The land around Marquette was known to French missionaries of the early 17th century and the trappers of the early 19th century. A mission was established in Marquette in 1675. Development didn’t being until 1844, when William Burt and Jacob Houghton discovered iron just west of Marquette. In 1845, Jackson Mining Company, the first mining company was formed. The village of Marquette began on September 14, 1849. The village was originally called New Worcester, but on August 21, 1850, the name was changed to honor Jacques Marquette, the French missionary who had explored the region. During the 1850s, Marquette was linked by rail to numerous mines and became the leading shipping center of the Upper Peninsula. By 1862, the city had a population of over 1,600 people. Marquette continues to be a shipping port for hematite ores and enriched iron ore pellets.

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