Livonia: The Center of Everything

Livonia sign with city motto

Livonia’s motto “Families Still First” accurately portrays Livonia’s goal to be the “suburban ideal” (MacGregor 2005). Image taken from “Livonia” (2005).

Livonia is a suburb of Detroit, located in Wayne County. It is a family friendly town that also has a strong industrial presence (“Why Livonia?” 2014). Founded in 1835, Livonia has grown from a small group of farms to the large city it is today (“History” 2014). Livonia is also very conveniently located; according to the City of Livonia website, “Livonia is in the center of everything!” (“Why Livonia?” 2014). This claim is well founded: Livonia is halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, and is close to Metro Airport, the Henry Ford, the Detroit Zoo, and many other noteworthy places. Livonia’s motto is “Families Still First”, a motto historian and Livonia native David MacGregor agrees with, stating that it is “an accurate reflection of the community’s priorities. The city has consistently striven to be a suburban ideal with an emphasis on schools, parks, and housing” (2005). Livonia has also “long been recognized as one of America’s safest large cities” (“Why Livonia?” 2014). These facts, combined with Livonia’s well-planned infrastructure and low tax rate, make Livonia a great place to live.