Tall Tales Of Grosse Pointe

horse Among some of the numerous tales of the Grosse Pointe Community is the heralded legend of a goblin horseman in Grosse Pointe. This legend took place in 1746. The perceived monster was named Le Lutin. For unknown reasons, Le Lutin would form dislikes toward certain members of the community. He would torment these members by riding the person’s best horse at night. In the morning the person would find their horse to be extremely tired and weary, covered in burrs and foam. The community members who experienced this torment were advised to brand their horses with a cross or have them wear a good luck charm for protection. Le Lutin would ride the horses without a saddle and would clutch onto the horses mane and hit the horse with a thorn-brush stick. It was also said that the horses would reek of sweat from this beast. He was said to look like a baboon with horns on his head. He had black hair covering his skin and a devilish grin on his face. After Le Lutin was once spotted all of the community members took to the tradition of branding their horses with a cross. This tradition was held up until the automobile was introduced in Grosse Pointe.

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