Kalamazoo sign
The Kalamazoo Sign located on the outskirts of downtown Kalamazoo

The name Kalamazoo is often synonymous with mythical worlds, so much so that the phrase “Yes! There really is a Kalamazoo” has become a type of unofficial town motto. To those who hail from this mid-sized west Michigan town, Kalamazoo is a place rich in history, full of beauty and unique in culture. As a center for higher learning, accompanied by an ever-growing art scene and a bountiful harvest of craft beer breweries, natives of Kalamazoo are often a well-educated, eclectic crowd. Good food, delicious drinks and memorable entertainment are all a part of the culture of Kalamazoo. Conveniently located equidistantly between both Chicago and Detroit, be sure to make time for a stop in “the Zoo” the next time you’re passing through.