Jonesville’s Heritage

If you are ever traveling past this small town you must see these sites. Their age makes you wonder if they’re haunted and gives you a glimpse of life in the past.

The Grovsner House:

A house built for a prominent citizen of Jonesville, Ebenezer Oliver Grosvenor. Grosvenor was a local banker and Republican statesman, serving two terms state senator and treasurer, one term as lieutenant governor and seven years as a University of Michigan regent. More importantly, he was vice-president and presiding officer of the State Building Commission, which was responsible for the building of the Michigan State Capitol.


The man who designed the State Capitol, Elijah E. Myers, designed the house for Grosvenor. Currently The Grosvenor House is a living museum and offers tours on weekends.SONY DSC

The Sauk Theatre:

First opened in 1905, The Sauk Theatre was one of the biggest and finest opera houses in the area. Detroit famous actresses would travel by way of train to perform and people from other towns would travel by train to watch.

SONY DSCAs time went on the theatre transformed to perform modern theatre and currently are still putting shows on which are popular countywide.

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