Ironwood Today

Ironwood is located in what is known as Lake Superior’s “Snow Belt” this ensures more than significant annual snow measurements, as this video taken a year ago demonstrates. (14)

Although sharing weather characteristics, the population characteristics of Ironwood have drastically changed since the booming 1920’s. Now, Ironwood’s population dwindles at 5,138 and is number 16 on the list of the “top 100 cities with declining populations from 2000 to 2008.” Over these eight years, the population has dropped an astounding 17.6 percent, and this pattern shows no promising signs of stopping.

Ironwood has had a historically white population, although it did experience a wave of immigrants arriving to find jobs at the many mines. Today, Ironwood has an extraordinarily homogenous population which is 95 percent white. (3)



The Ironwood Area School District includes three schools, two elementary (Norrie and Sleight) and one middle-high (L.L. Wright).

L.L. Wright Junior and Senior High School Mission Statement:

“The Ironwood area schools and community strive to educate, motivate and inspire each other everyday the WRIGHT way.”(10)

For more information about life in Ironwood, please visit the Community and Recreation of Ironwood page.