Saginaw: Immerman Memorial Park


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Imerman Park exemplifies the beauty and majestic qualities of Saginaw.  The park began as property owned by Andrew Ure, who was from Scotland, as part of a land grant from President Jackson.  In 1955 the Saginaw Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) raised  $15,000 to purchase 86 acres of Ure’s farm.  A majority of the money was raised by Dr. Lewis Imerman as a memorial to his beloved brother who died at the age of 38.  In 1956 the Saginaw Jaycees deeded some 90 acres of property to Saginaw for the development of Imerman Memorial park.  Much of the development of the park came after 1973 which included exciting things such as: a self guiding nature trail, basketball courts, pavilions and sand volleyball courts.  This beautiful park is still proudly standing and is actually very close to my home.  It is a beautiful place and will stand the test of time (Parks history).