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The village of Milford is located in Southeastern Michigan and is part of Oakland County. It is easily accessible, located next to both I-96 and M-59. With a population just over 6,000, it remains as one of the smallest towns in Oakland County. However, people of bordering towns often make the trip to Milford, hoping to partake in the rich downtown environment. For example, those from as far as Ann Arbor and Dearborn often travel here to participate in events and activities.

Originally published at www.aveleyman.com/actorcredit.aspx
Originally published at www.aveleyman.com/actorcredit.aspx

Within the village, there are six parks. Central Park is located right on the banks of the Huron River, which runs through the heart of the town. This park is perfect for families, especially of young children, to go and relax on sunny days. Fairgrounds Park is adjacent to the senior center downtown, and features basketball courts, shuffleboard games and picnic areas for families.

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Finally, Hubbell Pond Park in town features a YMCA and the towns library. It also has hiking and biking trails that satisfy the outdoor enthusiasts of the town.

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Overall, Milford has a small town feel and citizens that are caring for one another. The schools are quite good and it is a great place to raise a family. For historical and other facts on the town, please browse the rest of this site.

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